Welcome to our "Beginners Page"
Want to learn to fly RC airplanes? This is the place to learn.

Come out and visit us, and we will guide you through the process of selecting the "right" first airplane. We will safely train you so you will bring home an intact airplane after each flight.

Learning to fly is a lot like learning to drive a "standard transmission" car in a hilly area. It seems impossible to coordinate all the moves you have to make to keep from stalling the car. You need to keep one foot toe on the gas and heel on the brake, the other foot on the clutch, one hand on the shifter and one hand on the steering wheel. To drive up a hill, you need to slowly give it gas while easing up on the brake (with the same foot), and slowly letting out the clutch with the other foot. At first, it seems overwhelming, but with practice, it eventually becomes automatic. After a while, you will shift without even realizing you are doing it.

Learning to fly is the same way. Everything happens really fast and you don't have time to think about control stick movements. If you have to think about it, it is too late, and you will crash. That's why it helps to join a club and get proper training. You and your trainer's radios will be joined by a trainer chord. The trainer holds a switch to give you command of the aircraft. As soon as you get in trouble, he lets go of the switch and takes command of the aircraft, saving it from a crash.

Many newer aircraft have "stabilizing" systems built in that help a great deal, and can shorten the time needed to be trained.
1. Visit an RC Club like ours. You will find friendly, helpful people, eager to point you in the right direction. You can "try before joining".

2. Join the AMA - Academy of Model Aeronautics. Membership is required to join most clubs. Benefits of joining far outweight the cost, such as liability insurance.

2. Start with a "High Wing Trainer Aircraft". Electric or Gas. The larger they are, the better they fly. Look for a wingspan of 40 inches and up.

3. Practice on a "Flight Simulator". Flight Sims today are very close to the real thing!
  1. Don't buy that great looking P-51 Mustang or Jet as your first airplane - you will crash and destroy it!

2. Don't buy a "small" airplane. They don't fly well in the wind, they can be hard to see, and many have very cheap components that fail easily. Small planes can be very difficult to fly.

3. Don't fly in a public area or over people - you are liable for any damage or injury you cause - (see AMA above).

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Please, feel free to call or visit us to see what RC flying is all about!
Avoid this by joining a club and learning to fly with the correct type of airplane!
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